Camtasia Mac版安装教程

  1. Locate the camtasia.dmg that was downloaded after purchasing Camtasia for Mac. In most cases, this is going to be in your Downloads directory on your Mac. To get to your Downloads folder, open a new Finder window, and then navigate to the menu bar item Go>Downloads.
  2. In the Downloads folder should be the Camtasia disk image file (most likely camtasia.dmg). Double click the file to begin the installation process.
  3. In the window that opens, drag the Camtasia icon into the Applications folder on the right to install Camtasia.
  4. Dismount the camtasia.dmg file by opening a new Finder window and clicking the eject symbol next to the camtasia.dmg file.
  5. To open Camtasia, browse to your Applications folder and double click Camtasia.*If you are getting an error message saying: "Camtasia 3" can't be opened because it was not downoaded from the App Store. Please follow the link here.